Children's 4 Week Meditation Class

Date: Thursday 7th September, 4.30pm-5.30pm       Donation: £40.00 per child         

Giving your little ones the tools and skills to calm their minds. This is an engaging and practical class, suitable for 7-12 years.
There are limited places, so book early to avoid disappointment. Please note the class is for children only not the adults.
Through our experience we find the children are more receptive and engaging in the class.

A great class to help your child develop skills in body and mind calming, concentration and expression of creativity. The class will have meditation, seated and moving. There will be story time and discussion, a class where every child is included and thanked for their comments and understandings. We will discuss also how we react to others maybe in angry or unpleasant ways and try to understand ourselves better by seeing if we can change our response in a healthier way and act with loving kindness. Learning to relax at a young age brings the added benefits of improved concentration and mental ability as well as managing tension and anxiety.

QUOTE FROM DALAI LAMA: "If every child was taught meditation from the age of 8, then violence in the world would be eradicated within one generation".