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We have a busy season ahead of us, packed with new classes and events. Please browse through our latest newsletter for more information on what's coming up soon.  

The whole idea of living in a balanced way to achieve enlightenment for all living beings is called Bodhichitta. Bodhi means awakened, chitta means heart, Bodhichitta is generally translated the awakened heart, meaning conscious compassion. Cultivating Bodhichitta means to develop a deep wish that all beings be free from suffering and attain enlightenment.

Special visiting Teacher,
Zen Master,
Zanze Pandit.

He will be transmitting Guan Yin Water Moon Wish-Fulfilling practice. Guan Yin, Buddha of Compassion is also known as Avalokiteshvara in Tibetan.

Thur 7th Sept 7.30pm for 4 weeks

In this course you will learn, the cultivation practice of Prajna Akasagarbha, as well as reflecting and refining what has already been taught in course 1. For all those students that enjoyed and experienced the level 1, if you wish to progress in your enlightenment, then book up now.

Prerequisite: You must have taken the 4 week course.

Dana Offering: £72.00  limited to 12 places

Sangha day

Meditation, Healing, Walking, Eating, Friends. Saturday 16th Sept
£25.00 per person
Book now! 

Come and unite, practice and dedicate all our efforts to the benefit of all sentient beings. Newcomers welcome but preferable if you have been on a course or already attend at some of our classes. A most enjoyable and refreshing day

4 WEEK Beginners Meditation Course
Tues 12th Sept 7.30-9.00pm
or daytime course starts 8th Sept


Meditation brings benefit to everyone and it will positively affect every area of your life. Its scientifically proven. Often the great geniuses of the world tap into silence, the greatest athletes and many more who live there life to its fullest are in tune with themselves. Regular meditation will have impact on every area of your life, for the better. Come and learn in a relaxing environment with a dedicated teacher. 

The course will also include what the Buddha taught to live a balanced life, the 8 fold path, discussions of cause and effect, free will, and karma.

Childminder Group Temple Visit.

Our young visitors from a childcare group had a great time in the Temple, with sounds, meditation sensory activities, everyone received a Blessed happiness Bracelet. And then a treat in the Tearoom. OMMMMM 
Medicine Buddha students. 
Regular Wednesday class and weekend.

Every Wednesday 7.30pm we hold a class for Disciples or M.Buddha students, its a great class, of practice and sharing cost is £10.00 per class. You will learn lots. Call us if you wish to come along.

You are invited to a student weekend, for Mbuddha students please come along on the 10th Sept arrival 9.45am-5.00pm. The weekend will be a gathering of practice with many other Dharma practitioners. Lunch provided. Please make donation to Temple. Contact us if you will be attending.

Drop in Healing

Every Sat/Sun/Mon at and Thursdays, £5.00, just turn up prompt. 

Session lasts 40 minutes. If you want some quiet time, then come along and try, for your upliftment and well-being.

Merrymeade Tea Room

We are open Mon-Fri 9.00am-5.00pm and closed weekend for private events. There is free parking and a sunny terrace garden with games for the children, disabled access.  Your dogs are very welcome on the Terrace.

If you have a party, baby shower or any other kind of event or celebration coming up, then call us for prices and catering packages. Direct number for Tearoom is   07877 034916.
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