Running club

A gentle introduction to regular exercise, in a traffic free environment.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday

at 9.30am-10.30am, Meets in the Café.

Get fit, get healthy, tone up, lose weight, and enjoy running in a group.

You will be running off road, for better air quality and less wear and tear on joints. You will go out, and come back as a group. No one will be left behind, or alone at any time. If you attend the weekly runs by Christmas you will be capable of running three miles non stop.

If you are taking exercise for the first time in say the last two years you should consult your doctor to explain what you are about to do.

What to wear? As we will be running off road, a pair of trail running shoes will be preferable. They are more robust with a better gripping sole. And they are usually not white! For the ladies a decent sports bra is a must.

Running Instructor: Keith Thornton.

Keith has been running best part of 25 years. Run five marathons and the Grizzly (20 miles XC in Devon) twice. He run in the Essex and South Essex cross country (XC!) leagues each winter. He is UKA qualified to lead groups (LiRF) and a Level 1 Assistant Coach. Keith is currently doing a Level 2 coaching qualification. UKA licence number 2741534.


Need more info? Call Keith at 07957371848

Each run is £2.00 paid in the office in the centre.