Margaret Hardy,
"4 weeks - good length of time to start a new way of thinking."

Hannah Keely,
"Feeling freer from pain and hurting and feeling lighter. It has made me think about different things and where my life is going, also the choices I make day to day. Very good teacher and would recommend to anyone."

Richard Watson,
"I am learning to pause before reacting and to be mindful of the tone and content of my speech. When I first came along I was shocked at how relevant the course was to me."

Paula Warren,
"In times of worrying about the future, bringing thinking and concentration back to the present time. Becoming aware of negative thinking and using breathing techniques for calming down."

Tessa Nelson,
"Found the course calming. Am more aware of my thinking now and how it influences me. Also feel like I have strategies to calm my mind when I become stressed. Thankyou"

Denise Savill,
"So pleased I discovered this course and the healing sessions. I am feeling so much better than I did 2 months ago."

Suzanne Scicluna,
"Really loved the course. Feel so calm when I leave."

Patricia Humbling,
"Absolutely loved it! Very powerful empowering teacher with a lot of love and knowledge passed on without judgement. We are very lucky to have this centre in Essex."

Caroline Clark,
"I benefit now from being more centred and learning to meditate at home when feeling less grounded. Enjoyed openess of the group. I have become more self-aware. I enjoyed hearing Jane's experiences. "

Lucy Hinward,
"Enjoyed the course very much. I am more aware of my actions and are conscious of my surroundings. I am trying to control my thoughts. I switched off from my normal hectic life as I entered the healing room and felt very cleansed. Thanks Jane"

Susan Woodhouse,
"I enjoyed the course very much, it was a lot more friendly than I thought it was going to be. I feel at peace when I come into the room an inner calmness, I was not expecting. I am trying to be a nicer person and have more patients. Really enjoyed the 4 weeks."

Nick Johnson,
"Calm and peaceful, released lots from my past that have plagued me for years. Well done and thank you."

David Dennis, Brentwood,
"Enjoyed the course very much. It taught me a lot of useful imformation. Well worth the time and effort, provided a lot of information and skill."

Steve Willoughby, Upminster,
"After each session I feel less stressed."

Natalie O'Leary, Brentwood,
"I feel happier, more balanced in self. Made me realise how little time I devote to "time out" to rest mentally. I now meditate regularly and feel discussions from class e.g personal experiences of problems has enabled this."

David Pethen, Brentwood,
"Very enjoyable course learning simple techniques to get back in touch with just being."

Danny Quinn,
"Was open minded at the start, now convinced, fantastic.
Since coming to the course I feel a lot calmer and relaxed in times of stress. I chant a mantra which really helps."

Ann Honey,
"This has been much, much better than I could have imagined. I wanted to learn to meditate to relax, but have learnt so much more. Now I would love to find out more..."

Margrit Holmes,
"Less stressed. So glad I came and found out about this calming and rich experience."

Jane Bennett,
"Totally worthwhile, I would recommend anyone and everyone to come along to the meditation course."

Tiffany Prince,
"Really enjoyed it and want to keep coming - thanks Jane."

Jackie Harding,
"I have had positive results. I am more relaxed generally and have changed or trying to change the way I approach challenges or challenging situations.I enjoyed the course and met interesting people. "

The right teacher

By Margaret Willis, Brentwood, Essex.

       Everyday I reflect on how blessed we are to have Jane as our teacher. I have waited so long for the right teacher and now Jane shares her lovingkindness and Dharma Evolution so willingly with all of us. Blessings Jane.

Jane is amazing

By Margaret, Chelmsford, Essex.

Jane is absolutely amazing. I cant imagine getting on with my life now without her help. We are truly blessed she is so willing to help us.

Sincere, capable and devoted spiritual teacher

By Nikos Georgakarakos, Athens, Greece.

How much I like talking to Jane! I realise the value of the chance to talk to a sincere spiritual teacher.
How rare to find a capable truly devoted teacher of an uncommon superior teaching! Sifu Jane sacrifices her own spiritual progress for the benefit of students. We should all be grateful.

Talking with Vajracharya Jane Ward

By Nikos Georgakarakos, Athens, Greece.

       After many times of talking with VajraAcharya Jane Ward I realised every time how special teacher she is and that contacting her and being with her is a great blessing for many reasons which I will explain. Sifu Jane is a truly kind hearted person, really patient and very motivated to help many people with actions undertaken tirelessly and methodically. I have benefitted greatly from talking to her, she selflessly gives all her time to help and teach. She is a catalyst of positive energy on all levels mental physical and spiritual, her spiritual energy heals you while you are in her presence and usually even if you are in a bad mood the problem will be removed after 15-20 minutes of talking to her. She is the most blessed person I've known. Sifu Jane is a very ethical person established in the compassionate teachings of Buddhism. By being in contact with her you will be positively affected even if you don't feel it, you will tend to notice the positive effect when you have some problem, even spiritual problems, physical problems, mental problems. Sifu can do a healing for you if you need more healing energy.
Vajracharya Jane also has the ability to inspire you to follow a good path in your practice or in your life. She has many ideas, great ideas to help you. She is a remarkable person because she not only has great ideas frequently but strives actively to implement them too. Her knowledge is not merely intellectual but based on insight and wisdom she can tell good from bad, when the ordinary mind may be unsure. Sifu is a person able to be very serious when needed but also has great humor, she sees life from a more detached perspective and does not have inflated ego. Sifu Jane is really hard working and even if tired does not stop doing what should be done. She is a teacher with great principles in her life who dares to do what is proper without being afraid.

The Wealth Dharma, Quite Magical

By Laura.a Lepley, Las Vegas, United States.

       The time I spent in Jane Ward's Wealth Dharma course was quite magical. It was an initiation into a much deeper state of healing for me personally as well as for others I am sure. Especially touching was the time she spent sending esoteric healing to the entire group after the teaching. This was much appreciated and tangibly felt by us all. I look forward to seeing her again in Las Vegas! Much love and gratitude...thx. I feel it is hard to express the benefit I received from taking your course. I truly felt your Master's presence with you. I wish you would have been back in Las Vegas for further classes. People at work really noticed a difference in me after taking your course, the Wealth Dharma. One of my clients asked me if I had received some form of healing training, saying he could feel it. I still do not feel personally connected to Hanmi, but it did open up my path further into Dharma as well as into connecting to Swami (of Shirdi). I feel I do have a little more personal insight lately and I am grateful to have received these teachings. I have a great deal of respect for you as I can see it is not an easy path. Much love. Thank you.

My health and home transformation

By Dee Truesdale, Brentwood, Essex, England.

       Two months ago, Jane performed a cleansing and blessing rite in my house. Since then things began to change rapidly and dramatically for the better. The whole atmosphere changed. A fog seemed to have been lifted from every room. I felt so energised. After a year of lethargy, I started to sort out the clutter and complete all the tasks that I had been storing up over the years. Even my famous junk draw got a make over and is tidy. I was a couch potato - always putting off things that needed doing – Not any more! I also suffered from severe breathing problems, lower back pain, and was struggling to walk. I am over weight. Any physical activity would have left me breathless and depleted of energy. I could not walk 100 yards without using an inhaler - Not any more! I have been transformed and I don’t know quite how. I cannot put my finger on IT or describe IT - but IT works!I feel 15 years younger. My life has become lighter, brighter and healthier. Recently I went to Centerparcs. We walked everywhere. I forgot to take my inhalers with me. I did not need them. During one healing session I saw my lungs being taken out and shaken and 2 black bands were removed from each lung. The lungs were put back. Now, I do not have a wheezing sound when I exhale. I have been doing a weight balance meditation every day and in the first week lost 4lbs. I did nothing consciously – it just happened! Now I find that I automatically choose a healthier option without thinking about it. My body is being restored to how it should be. Thanks to Jane her healing, and the miracle of Buddha Dharma techniques. I did not believe in miracles, until now. My teenage daughter, 18 years of age cleaned and polished her room for the first time ever from top to bottom unasked, unaided and unconsciously. She threw out all the things that had been cluttering her room and her emotions. Cupboards, draws, wardrobe and to top it all she vacuumed every inch. It took 6 hours but at the end she was so very happy and proud of what she had done – so was I. She has been affected as well. She used to grunt her answers, live in her room and be miserable. Gradually, she spent more time downstairs, ate her dinner with us and had good conversations. She has even asked if she could be of help, cooked meals and is willing to listen and communicate with respect. WOW!!!!!!!! We live in a happy , healthy environment and we are beginning to shine – thanks to Jane.

The Prajna Akasagarbha: life-altering

By Amy Bartz Barilla, Las Vegas, NV.

       For me, participating in Jane's Prajna Akasagarbha weekend was life-altering. I learned so much and was able to rid myself of unwanted energies that didn't serve me. Already a Reiki Master, this added another dimension to my healing work. I am most grateful to Jane for the experience. Many Blessings, Amy Barilla Las Vegas, NV



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