Family Easter Hunt 2018
Easter Monday 1pm - 4pm - Brentwood Buddhist Centre

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Hello and welcome to the online site of the Brentwood Buddhist Community. Here at our centre we offer help and support with a mixture of classes and courses, including Meditation, Qi Gong, yoga, healing and a running club. We also have the delightful Merrymeade Tea Room, serving fresh food with a sunny terrace garden to enjoy. The Mahabodhi Temple offers the healing and meditation space. We conduct fortnightly New and Full Moon ceremonies, birthday ceremonies and assist the deceased Dharma Rites.

Although our teachers are ordained Buddhists, the teachings are for everyone.
Buddhism is about taking responsibility for yourself, becoming more mindful of your actions, thought and speech and being caring and respectful to all. Forgiving those that may cause us harm or upset, learning what we need to learn from our experiences and situations as to bring us greater understanding, acceptance, tolerance, forgiveness and loving kindness. This in turn brings about emotional maturity, confidence, wisdom and compassion for all beings. There is no conditioning or indoctrination, just skillful methods to bring about the flowering of individuals.
Ten people can be practicing ten different religions, yet share the same spiritual experiences and understandings.
Everybody, regardless of age, color or creed is warmly invited to come along to our centre.

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Please book your place by paying the appropriate deposit in £ now. This will secure your place. Rest of the balance to be paid in full at arrival of course either by cash or cheque payment only.

  • 4 week, Brentwood 7th March £22.00
  • Meditation & Curry Evening,
    23rd February £20.00
  • Candle Sit, Wednesday 21st February or Wednesday 4th April   £12.00
    Please leave the course name, your name and a contact number as Reference, after you click the Paypal donate button, when you pay in the Paypal message box

All deposits are non-refundable, unless notice of 48 hours is given.

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Sifu Jane Ward is the founder of the Brentwood Buddhist community. Jane works fulltime as a teacher, running several meditation and healing sessions weekly, plus teaching and promoting the benefits of meditation in local schools, groups and organizations in the community. We have a wealth of methods to help bring resolve to people’s problems whether physical, emotional or spiritual. We are here to help you.

The Brentwood Buddhist Community is a non-profit Religious Charity. Charity Number 1151783.